BUZZNET EXCLUSIVE: Trapdoor Social ‘Science of Love’ Video Premiere!

LA based indie/pop band Trapdoor Social are premiering their innovative “Science of Love” video today exclusively here on BUZZNET! The video finds the duo exploring a gingerbread house full of temptations with the message that the instant gratification and distractions of technology isn’t always as it’s cracked up to be.

Of the song’s meaning and video concept, Trapdoor Social’s Merritt Graves stated, “‘Science Of Love’ is about a computer scientist who attempts to “rebuild” his girlfriend after she leaves him.”

“Rapidly advancing technology gives us a lot more power in terms of how we communicate and entertain ourselves, but it doesn’t give us guidance on what’s meaningful, important, and ethical. That’s up to us to decide, however, as things change faster and faster, we’re having less and less time to make those judgements.”

Watch the premiere of “Science of Love” below:

Science of Love EP will be available May 20

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