Go BTS With Jordan JAE + Steven Kopacz For Smooth Sailing Clothing!

Hey it’s Jordan JAE here letting you guys in on the behind the scenes of my amazing photo shoot with talented photographer and clothing designer, Steven Kopacz, for his awesome clothing line Smooth Sailing!

Pre- photo shoot Steven had me get my hair and make-up done by the famous LB! Steven had a specific idea of how he wanted my hair and make-up to look for the shoot and LB helped to make me look as fabulous as ever! Then it was off to the photo shoot.

Once we met up with Steven it was overcast, perfect for shooting! I quickly got changed into my first outfit and ran out to meet everyone when I realized it was raining. We just had to work around the pellets threatening the electrical equipment. We tried our best to get out of the wind and rain by either staying under umbrellas or under the NYC scaffolding. Luckily it wasn’t cold – just really humid! I’ve found that every time I’m doing a photo shoot or music video there’s always a weather issue. It’s either too cold, too hot, raining, or snowing. I have learned that just have to work around it.

Our next dilemma was that I needed to get changed quickly into all my different outfits without a nearby bathroom. My quick outfit changes were in a car and once even in an abandoned construction corner, while being protected by an umbrella for privacy. It all worked out great!

Posing for the camera was so much fun! It was also really funny to watch all the people passing by who were wondering what we were doing. Some guy even came up to me and told me he was Snoop Dog… of course, he wasn’t. We walked to 4 different locations within a block radius of each other and got some really unique and cool shots. Steven is an unbelievable photographer and I can’t wait for you guys to see the photos!

For one of the shots I had to stand in the middle of the street when the light turned red. We had to time the light perfectly before it turned green to get the photos before the cars started driving directly towards us or should I say “through us”. Being that our shoot is in busy NYC, these cars won’t stop even if they see a pedestrian with a camera in the street. At another one of the locations we were standing on a cobble stone side street and were forced to move once a car came up quickly behind us but for some odd reason they never even attempted to stop:/ not cool people.

It was such an awesome and fun experience working with Steven and modeling for Smooth Sailing Clothing Co. I also got to wear some insanely cool clothes and meet Stages and Stereos before their show! Until next time J Jordan JAE <3