where we’ve been, where i’m going.

First of all i’d like to appologize for the lack of posting from myself. It’s easy to say that i’ve just been traveling a lot and that the internet sucks in Europe and the UK. It’s easy to say that i shattered the screen on my mac book pro and haven’t had a computer. All of these things are valid reasons for the lack of my posts. However i’ve always tried to be honest on here so why would we stop being honest now?

The truth behind the whole thing is i’ve been fed up, mostly with the internet. I log onto face book and all I see are links to things that people think i’ll like. I feel We (society) as a whole has become so uncreative. It’s easier to reblog than to have an opinon. What ever happened to trial by error? How are we supposed to ever learn if we never try. The other problem i’ve been running into is lack of inspiration to post.

One of my main goals with buzznet is to post quality things that people beyond myself would care about, would want to read about, and would learn from. Yes i could post about things in my closet, or how dogs remind me of icecream flavors but i just don’t want to. Sometimes i think it’s better to post less, to say less, so when you do say something or post something it means that much more. Buzznet has always been so great to me and i want to continue to be great to them by posting quality content that will actually help.