Exclusive Interview: Travis Barker Talks MusINK, Tattoos & More!

Hey Music Pals,

As you may know I am covered in tattoos and have really fallen in love with the tattoo industry in whole. I am not alone…one of the biggest names in the game, Travis Barker also has found a love in ink!

You are not only known for your talent in music but you are highly respected for your incredible tattoo work. What first made you decide to go under the gun?

TB: I wanted tattoos from the time I was about 15. I loved the commitment and permanency that comes with them. It’s a piece of artwork that lasts forever.

Everyone is always curious as to what the most painful tattoo is, what was yours?

TB: Rib cage is fun,but to tell you the truth none of them really hurt all that bad.

What was the longest session you have done so far?

TB: Probably 10-12 hrs back in the day in one sitting on my back with Jon Sanchez.

MusINK 2014 is coming up this weekend right in Costa Mesa, what are you most excited to see at the festival?

TB: I’m excited /honored to have some of the best musicians and tattoo artists all under one roof.

There will be world class tattoo artist at MusINK, are there any that you would kill to have tattoo you?

TB: If I had it my way I’d go around to every station and get something from everybody but the truth is I don’t have much space left on my body. haha!

It’s pretty common knowledge that when you drum you usually can be seen shirtless, how did you keep your tattoos safe from the sun? Do you use sunblock or do you just risk it?

TB: I try and wear a sweatshirt with a hood almost everywhere I go nowadays. Back in the day I’d be out in the sun on tour for countless hrs and did enough damage to a lot of my work. Now I’m trying to make up for it and save some of the latest work I’ve gotten from the sun!

If someone offered to remove all of your tattoos to allow you to start from scratch would you do it?

TB: Nope, that’s like rewriting my life. My body is a scrap book of tattoos and it wouldn’t even be right to tear even one page out. NO TATTOO REMOVAL FOR ME!

Do you have any advice for kids who are looking to get work done for the first time?

TB: Think long and hard about what tattoo you want cause you’ve come to the right place. MusINk really truly does have the who’s who of the tattoo industry and I’m proud to be able to say that. Enjoy it, take advantage of it.

Any last words for your fans and our readers who are planning to attend MusINK this weekend?

TB: Have a great time, be safe and most importantly ENJOY!

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