Can’t Miss Style: Miley Cyrus’ Designer Fast Food Phone Cover

Miley Cyrus‘ style can be described as quirky, to say the least. So it’s no surprise that the singer, 21, is a fan of Moschino‘s latest collection by Jeremy Scott.

The looks were inspired by Americana iconography, mostly junkfood, and mainly Mcdonald’s. Models were sent down the runway in silhouettes reminiscent of classic Chanel, but in the red and gold colors favored by Ronald McDonald.

In fact, Miley may have been the muse for this collection–it’s combination of high fashion and low brow culture is just so her. And hey, the “M” could always stand for “Miley!”

Miley showed off some of the pieces gifted to her by the designer, including a purse resembling a happy meal. The collection also included handbags that looked like soft drinks and dresses with candy wrapper prints.

However, the best piece has to be the phone case. The tech accessory looks like an order of french fries. It’s definitely the most wearable (and probably affordable) piece for the every-girl. Plus, it looks amazing in selfies, as Miley demonstrated.

Jeremy Scott designed some of Miley’s controverisal costumes for her current Bangerz tour, so we know she’s already a fan of his clothes. It will be exciting to see if and how Miley rocks some of these daring looks in the future.