It seems like a good part of northern America is in a deep freeze or getting close to it. Here it’s 8 degrees after midnight and we’re in for a quick warmup on Sunday and then back to near single digits again !! We had a Blizzard here Thursday night into Friday morning. Our main road that goes almost the length of Long Island was closed down from midnight to 8am never in the history has the Long Island Expressway ever been completly closed to traffic. I think we got about 10 inches of snow but it is powder snow because of the very cold temps we’re having. Well here is some photos of our frozen snow ……..

I thought it looked nice in B&W 😀

My porch door wreath looks pretty covered in snow ……

This is our new portico covered in snow for the first time in the new year. It still has to be painted though in the spring 😀

Looking towards the driveway my husband had the snowblower in action 😀

It’s a Snow Shower 😀

Our very old fence that doesn’t really do anything, it’s just a decorative part of my garden. I think it’s at least 35 years old 😀

Now I’m going into the backyard to feed the animals ……

That’s done now time to go back to the front 😀

Still working we have a huge parking driveway it can hold at least 10 cars if we needed to ……

OH and he hasn’t even dug out 4 of our cars that are out there, they are somewhere in the left of the photo 😀

Well I’m on my way back inside where it’s warm and cozy, I’m still just getting over my bad cough so can’t stay out there very long …..

This is my wreath on my porch wall that greets people coming inside. My porch is a small heated room I guess some people call them Mudrooms but we always called it a porch 😀

The little Elf looking guy on the wreath is handmade actually out of masking tape and painted that I bought many years ago at a garage sale …….

This is his Twin Brother who lives right under the wreath ….. We call them Fairies instead of Elves for some reason though 😀

Well I have two more photos that were quite a surprise. Late in the day I noticed the birds were not outside and they had been there all day eating. Well when I went closer to the window I found out why there was a big Northern Harrier Hawk in the tree right above the platform feeder !! I grabbed my camera and was only able to get a quick wide shot before I could zoom in so it’s not a good photo. I cropped the photo to see if it could be seen and it can but not in great detail …..

It flew away just as I got this photo ……

That’s it right in the middle, it didn’t get any of my birds right there since they were all hiding but I saw it flying overhead still looking for someone to catch ….. Well I hope you enjoyed the tour of my yard with the Frozen Snow 😀

BTW I still plan on posting my Christmas Present blog most likely for Monday 😀