Nostalgia To The Max: 1997 Playlist

Today starts the beginning of something beautiful. Every Throwback Thursday, I will be choosing one specific year of music to focus on that will have us all reminiscing of days spent in the school yard, or if you’re older…well, I’m not sure what you were doing. Watching MTV? Probably hooking up VCRs or enjoying life without texting. Either way, Throwback Thursday is about to get more nostalgic.

This week, we’re focusing on 1997. Barbie had her own song, the Spice Girls were at the height of their career, the Backstreet Boys just released their first album, the Titanic song made us all weep in public places and there seemed to be a shortage of cowboys. We also can’t forget about the horridness that was Chumbawamba. WTF was ‘tubthumping’ anyway?

Which songs are your favorites?