To The Dreamers Who Feel Lost!

Sometimes we hit a messy speed bump in our life that throws us off course or makes all of our dreams spill out onto the middle of the road. We frantically try to collect every last one of them just like Helen Hunt in Twister. People will always be the flame killer and pixie dust steallers. You will most likely hear for the rest of your life, about how you should turn back now. The thing that seperates those from making their dreams come true and those who choose a new path are the ones who don’t listen.

I’m a strong believer that dreams are realistic. Heck, I’m your number one source. Slowly, but surely I’m making those babies come true. Overnight dreams are possible, but will never happen when you want them too. Remember that. What people don’t tell you is that, dreams are expensive. Expensive in cost. Expensive in time. Expensive in losing things. Again, nothing should stop you if you’re willing to lose so much to gain lots in return.

We dream big and feel lost when those dreams stay dreams. Self doubt will become your number two enemy. At 1 am don’t give up when you’re crying your eyes out because your dream job, boy, event, or thing didn’t show up at your door with a big red bow. Hi, Slowly learning this one.

You one hundred percent should sit down and write. Write your little heart out. Put that pencil to the paper and scrible till your impressed with the words that now are stained on it. Be detailed with your dreams. Some people say, I want to be sucessful. What kind of sucessful? You’re more likely to achieve those dreams if you know exactly what you want.

Big dreams are for 10 years down the road.. Little dreams are for 1 to 5 years. The little dreams make your big dream seem more attainable. That way you don’t freak and think you need to scratch that monumental one.

You may feel lost and like nothing is going your way…. It actually might all be falling into place. Sometimes the things we think we want might actually destroy us. That’s the beauty of life. You never know what you’re going to get handed. All you can do is hold on tight for life. Timing, Patience and Luck are not my friends. But hope, faith, sparks and passion are.

Your moment is coming soon. I Promise. As dreamers… We should all stick together