Designer Spotlight: Nina Nguyen

If you haven’t ever heard of Nina Nguyen Designs

One: Where have you been? Two: It’s about to be your new favorite jewelry.

Nina’s designs are unlike any other. The creativity behind each piece is truly unique, charming, and dreamy. She combines raw mineralized stones with beautiful earth-conscious materials. Each piece is a gorgeous, wearable work of art.

I’ve always been obsessed with sparkly stones and rocks, the moon, seasons, earth tones, mermaids, and raw materials. In my opinion, her designs are a combination of all of those things and more… so, in other words, they’re perfect.

There’s just something about Nina Nguyen Designs that feels magical and empowering. I know that may sound….whatever… haha, but I swear I feel more connected and happy when I wear them.

You can find just about any piece made in either gold or silver, with your choice of stone.

But me? “I love gooooooold”

So what are you waiting for?

Shop Nina Nguyen Designs now and let me know your favorite pieces! There is a necklace, ring, and pair of earrings to fit any occasion or outfit.

Xo Mindy