My 2014 To Do List

New year, new adventures. For me, 2014 is all about doing what makes me happy and pursuing some dreams of mine. So, here’s my to do list for this year…

1. Take my business to the next level. More clients, more events, more networking!!

2. Work out at least 3 times per week. Whether it’s hiking with the dogs, jogging on a treadmill, swimming, horseback riding or yoga, make it happen and enjoy it!

3. Start one new business venture

4. Donate clothes every season

5. Learn something new. Anything!

6. Make pickles! (I’ve always wanted to do this.)

7. Don’t be wasteful… with food or time.

8. Post 5 blogs per week!

9. Travel. Travel. Travel. Anywhere and everywhere. Started the year with a trip to Pittsburgh, going to LA on friday (can’t wait to see my best girls!!), europe in March and who knows where else!

10. Teach my niece to say Aunt Lisa.

11. Re-read the Harry Potter series.

12. Book some acting auditions and hopefully jobs!

12. Build my vintage china collection and take great pictures of the pieces.

2013 was an incredible year… without a doubt, it was my best year yet. I’m wondering if 2014 can top it! High hopes!! Share your plans for 2014 with me in the comments below. 🙂