Ruocco Christmas Traditions

If you’ve read my tweets, you can probably tell by my overuse of the exclamation mark this morning that I’m PRETTY EXCITED!!!!!! It’s the first snow of the season and in my family, it’s more than just some frozen water making the roads slippery to drive on. We’re a family of tradition. We FREAKING LOVE Christmas time so we have a few traditions every year that we always keep up, no matter how old we get. You may be wondering why there is a red bag on my porch. Brace yourselves, this is where things get really silly. We’re silly people. Embrace it.

So, every year when the first snow fall covers the ground, the “Elves” leave a present outside in the snow. My mom is “in pretty tight with them” (to use her adorable words) and she said they ride in on their tiny sleighs through the snow and give everybody presents, usually cookies, chocolate or anything small enough for their tiny selves to carry. Hahaha. So there it is… the first of my family traditions around the holidays.

Do you guys have any silly holiday traditions? Share them with me! I wanna hear! 🙂