Welcome Alexis Knox To The Buzznet Family!


Alexis Knox here from London, and I am MAJORLY excited to be joining the Buzznet community!!!

So a little bit about me! I live in Dalston, East London, a super amazing area packed with musicians, fashion industry, cool clubs and stuff to do. I love it because its such an inspiring place to be, so many people of different cultures and backgrounds! I live in a studio I call Fort Knox, which is my base for my work as a celebrity fashion stylist.

I’ve been styling for 7 very busy years and it’s taken me all around the world, doing shows, working on television and dressing lots of exciting celebrities.

By night when I’m not styling I DJ, which also takes me all over, so I get to travel and see new places and people which I love!

I also have a new baby…Prince…my puppy chihuahua! So I’m sure you will get to see lots of pics of him all dressed up!

I have the most amazing friends who all have really exciting lives, which I can’t wait to share with you, plus they all love a good dress up-so expect lots of crazy London Fashion!

Lots of love and laughs,



Let’s be friends on Twitter: @alexisknox and Instagram: @alexisknox