Question Of The Day: Things I’m Thankful For Challenge – Music!

I was thinking about the numbers version of our challenge and it goes like this:

It’s Day 2 of our but we have 4 days left in this week. That means that we have 4 answers for today. Now that I’ve typed that out, it doesn’t look that weird. Maybe it’s just me.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t get to bed until almost 0100 because there was a helicopter hovering over the area where I live for like, 3.5 hours. Now, I feel like this:

Slapped in the face by the trout of life. Is that a trout? IDEK

Anyway, let’s talk about music that we are thankful for. I like music. I think you do, too. I also like you. I hope you like me back. Tee hee. OMG enough. Today’s challenge will be:

Four Albums That Changed Your Life

Here are mine (because I know you totes care about my opines)

  1. Bona Drag: Morrissey – I had to put this here. I wanted to put something different but my brain wouldn’t let me. Mostly Morrissey is really vague about everything so naturally, I took everything in this album to be about me and how I was a tiny gayling child. And mostly Morrissey is all WOE IS ME MY LIFE IS ALWAYS SAD and I pretty was and still am the same way.
  2. Sasha: GU 13 – So a long time ago, I was like really into trance and stuff. DON’T ASK. Well you can but mostly when you live in a desert, there really isn’t anything you can do but listen to weird music that makes you dance. Most trance is annoying but whatever Sasha throws into a mix is always top notch. This CD began my journey into many ambient/electronic styles of music and it’s awesome.
  3. Limp Wrist: Self Titled – It’s weird that I used to be into some punk stuff but I had never heard of Limp Wrist until like, 2000ish. Mostly Limp Wrist is all gay-angry and they sing stuff in Spanish and I was all HOLY SHIT THEY KNOW ALL MY FEELS and it was nice to know there were other weird gays out there like me.
  4. The Cure: Disintergration – Since I like sad stuff, why wouldn’t I mention this? I was a tiny child and very misunderstood and weepy about everything. Imagine being really small in 1989 and being all ROBERT SMITH KNOWS MY STUGGLE. That was me. I used to sit outside and be sad to this album and I still am pretty much.

I feel like these 4 albums let you know who I am as a person. They encompass me as I live and breathe. There’s lots of sad and wordy stuff tossed in there with some very short, fast angry times + electro/ambient other worldlyness. Granted, I didn’t put anything classical in there but still. I listen to hella classical stuff. You can blame Disney’s Fantasia on that.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me about your 4 life altering albums. Go!

Which 4 albums changed your life?