November Happenings: Badges, Thanksgiving, & You

Howdy Buzznet!

Long time no talk, huh? Since a lot of things behind the scenes here at BN HQ have changed and are changing, I feel like it is time to let you all in on what’s going down.

First, you may notice that the badges are gone. I’ve been getting quite a few e mails about just where they went and we decided that it was time to break up with the badges. I can’t really get into specifics but they won’t be back (at least I don’t think). Maybe in the future they will come back in a different form but for the time being, you can “opt out” of the badge system by going here:

Manage Account >> Privacy >>

Click the “Opt Out” box so you can see the old badge system on your profile.

Just because the badges have gone away doesn’t mean that we won’t be announcing our monthly themes anymore. Since I am the king of the mighty Nation of Procrasti, I haven’t announced this month’s theme because I’ve not been on my A game. I’M SORRY INTERNET!

Anyway, let’s talk about how this month is Thanksgiving. Disclaimer: I know there is a lot of stuff that is messed up with this holiday but I think the main thing that we should focus on is being thankful for stuff.

Maybe you don’t want to focus on that. Maybe you want to be angry and that’s fine. I accept all angries. If you do post something angry about anything, drop me a note so I can read your blog and possibly feature it. Include gifs, as they make me feel better about everything in general.

Since I am just now announcing this month’s theme, here are some things that we here at #TeamBuzznet are looking for:


  • That’s right! Do you have a favorite recipe? Isn’t “recipe” a weird word to spell? Share your faves with us!


  • Tell us what you’ll be watching this month!


  • We still have a few New Release Tuesdays coming up. If something strikes your fancy, write about it! I’ll get around to creating some sort of calendar one day to let you know what’s being released and when if you want to review something and have it featured.
  • Make some festive playlists for us to listen to!


  • How will you be bundling up during the holiday season?

On Monday, we might start a writing project about things we are thankful for. I need to figure out how to do that, exactly. Feel free to toss out ideas in the comments. 🙂

Also, I didn’t use any gifs in this post so I feel like an adult now! What!? It’s going cray over here! Stay tuned for more announcements and such. Yay!

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