Gabbie Brown Winter Jam Weekend

It was such an eventful weekend to say the least! I turned 21 and went to the West Coast run of Winter Jam to see some friends, but also interview and shoot! It was a little strange to be at the West Coast run because I’m normally use to covering it in 6 inches of snow in January (A la East Coast).

I took my lovely pal Carson out for a little bit of shopping on the strip. Hadn’t seen him since March and it was great to hang out with a cool pal. If you’re ever in Vegas, Fashion Show is the place to shop.

I love Winter Jam and it’s a magical show, doing incredible things. 10 bands for 10 dollars, no tickets required. You just show up and hope you get in. It’s usually sold out every night and they are gracious enough to play to those who didn’t get in as well. I can’t name you a single other tour that does it.

I started my night off with an interview from Dara Maclean. It was such an awesome moment to be able to get to play catch up, since we hadn’t seen each other in over 2 years. She was the first person I interview back at my first WJ show and we’ve come full circle. She’s married now! Most artist answer questions very vague, but Dara opens her heart and makes an effort to answer any and all questions thoroughly.

Duncan was such a surprise and privillage to get to interview. We both had been following each other for a while and he immediatly wanted to talk music. He’s truthfully one of the best drummers out there and his spinning drumset is A+. Newsboys have been around for a good amount of time in music and they are still on top of everything.

I feel so humbled to be able to walk into a show that has been making an impact in young people lives and have people know my work. It’s almost unreal. My favorite acts included Newsong, Dara, Newsboys and TFK!

Winter Jam has a few more West Coast dates and then they start the East Coast run in January. (Click here for dates). I HIGHLY suggest you get to one and see how they make other shows look like Wannabes. Anyways, be on the lookout for the interviews on!

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