Thirty Seconds To Mars ‘City Of Angels’ Video Premiere

As we all know, I Dani Vitale, have a minor love obsession with Jared Leto.

One of my favorite things about him is the path he paves with his music. His videos, his messages in the songs he writes have messages. These messages touch everyone in a certain way that’s in explainable. No matter how beautiful he is. The videos, performances and he puts out for all of us are unbelievable.

This video and song City of Angels, that premiered this morning touched me so personally. Watching it in my room, in the apartment I live in now, it made me think of my entire journey out here to Los Angeles and what I came to make of myself. Not having the option of moving home, but wanting to so badly, so many times. In the 5 years I have been here it has molded me into a person that I think I want to be. I will never know I guess. I try so hard every morning to make the best of that day and do what I came here to do. But sometimes I just throw my arms up and cry til there’s nothing left. Feeling so empty and so alone hoping I can find light in anything. This city, these people, and the industry tears you down and rips you apart. But the only thing you can count on, is yourself, and to get back up and keep going. Everything we post online is so happy and “look what I’m accomplishing”. The amount of crap, and shitty unfair things I, and I can honestly say, everyone around me goes through on a weekly basis is crazy. We all deal with so much rejection it should be illegal.

From the moment I jumped on the one-way plane to Los Angeles from Ohio, that was it for me. No one was going to tell me NO. Living out of my car, sharing beds, doing anything just to get by. To now, in my own place, my own things having the ability to live a life I’ve always imagined to live. It makes me so happy. Where I want to sit in my bed, cry, and just scream. I have breakdowns constantly how overwhelming everything is, but that’s growing up. Look around; you aren’t the only one going through things. Reach your hand and heart out to some one. We all need one 🙂


What do YOU think of this video?

How do YOU relate to the video/song message?

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