Question Of The Day: If You Could ‘Shadow’ Anyone For A Day, Who Would It Be?

For today’s exercise in me being really nosey and intrusive, we are going to play a game. Today’s game is kind of like “Take Your Whatever to Work Day” except not really. We are going to imagine that you get to follow your favorite person ever around for a day as they do stuff. Do you get what I am talking about? I just confused myself.

The rules are simple:

  • Pick any celeb, artist, musician, dead, alive type person that you want to shadow.
  • Tell us who that is.
  • Why did you pick them?
  • Did anything interesting happen?

I think I would want to follow around the Buddha. Why? Because I want to see what an enlightened being does all day. I think that would be pretty weird. What could I learn in 24 hours? I think the most interesting that would happen would be when the Buddha walks around and lotus petals sprouted from the earth. I think that only happened when the Buddha was a baby though.

Doomsday Book – A short film collection where a robot attains elightenment


Who would you shadow and why?