Let’s Play Comic Con Bingo! Look Out For These 9 People You Always See At Comic Con

New York Comic Con starts today, and if you’re going, you’re know it takes all kinds. We’re excited to see what the kids are coming up with these days for costumes, but if this isn’t your first time at the rodeo, you’ll agree that these 9 peeps are present at EVERY Comic Con, ever. Check out our list, keep an eye out for these folks, and if you’re there this weekend, swing by the Hercules: The Legend Begins panel on Saturday at 7:45 pm on the main stage, and be sure to check out the movie when it drops in Spring 2014!

1. Everybody Loves The Good DoctorDoctor Who is an international phenomenon, and really, what’s not to love? Expect to see a LOT of Doctors and Companions and Daleks at NYCC this year!

2. Making Sexy Happen for Things That Don’t Need It: Does the world really need a sexy Chewbacca?

3. Zombie Everything:

Where else but Comic Con can people mash up their love for both Zombies AND Princess Vespa from Spaceballs?

4. Little Kids In CostumeThis tiny, adorable Darth Vader restores our faith in humanity, as does this classic take on Princess Leia.

5. The WTF CosplayWe appreciate those who venture out of the box, so this die-hard fan of “The Office” dressed as Dwight Schrute’s cousin Mose Schrute is a refreshing change from the thousands of Leias, Stormtoopers and Pikachus.

6. Dudes dressed as ladies for pure comedy:Everything about this Sailor Moon fan is perfection.

7. Storm Troopers Of All Shapes, Sizes And Sorts:Stormtroopers are always a classic, but leave it to Comic Con to reinvent that classic almost every year.

8. Someone Who Goes Above And Beyond:This Headless Horseman costume is incredible. Well done!

9. Steampunk Everything:Steampunk Darth Vader. Steampunk Magneto. Steampunk Storm Trooper. Steampunk Doctor Who. Steampunk Poison Ivy. Count how many steampunk takes on regular costumes you see this year.