Goodbye Buzznet

Dear Buzzneters,

You changed my whole life. I was so happy to be part of your family. I have a lot wonderful memories connected with everyone here but the time is not good to me. If you read my blogs, you know my problems. The world always was hard to me but I tried to fight and share the love and support with everyone who needs them.

But the Sunday morning brought bad news to me. I had to be here to 12/31 because the next my Internet contract will finished and I’ll not allow myself to signed new. Unfortunately my Internet modem died and I can’t use the Internet anymore. Yeah, I’ll pay Internet bills to 12/31 but I’ll off. Right now my sister gave me for one moment her modem but reality…I’ll not can use.

What’s it mean for me? I’ll lost contact with you and my friends… my soul will be alone. In this weekend I’ll start veterinary in the post secondary school but school sends stuffs through e-mails… I’m lost in school. I thought that art will change my life, it was the only way to escape from my place and start be myself but I have stay in the sadness….

I promise that I’ll try to put the last things. I worked on some interviews but right now….

Although I’ll try create my art on Microsoft Word but my art will be die….

I love you so much, I’ll miss to you..