Fall In Love With Letlive.

Last night I attended a sold out show at The Troubadour in LA to celebrate the release of punk rock band Letlive’s second full length record The Blackest Beautiful. I’m going to be honest, I recently just started listening to Letlive after hearing all my peers on Warped Tour gush about how incredible the bands live show is. So my roommate Faith & I decided it was time to spin their records, get tickets for their show and see for our selves.

Photo Credit: Dani Renee From Warped Tour 2013

Well the hype is real and incredibly on point. I don’t even know where to honestly begin on everything that transpired during the hour and fifteen mins that Letlive took the stage. They captured me, I didn’t check my phone, didn’t even think to take a photo, nor was there any moment during their set was I bored or uninterested on what was happening directly in front of me. In the beginning of the set, front man Jason Butler states to the swaying crowd “Punks not dead. Punks take care of each other” and jumps into crowd to start the next hard-hitting song.

The band as a whole is very synced together with their reckless passion to perform above and beyond expectations but I was thoroughly impressed with how Jason can get everyone in the room to feel— from his aggressive moves, ripping off his layers of clothing, sitting still by picking up a guitar for a song, playing piano, crowd surfing and climbing through the barricades of The Troubadours second level, he is a story teller. Their set even included a choir to sing harmonies, banging on trash cans, a guest cello performance, destroying their instruments and many fans crowd surfing to the front just to jump back in the crowd.

Mid set Jason pauses to tell the crowd “I feel something here tonight, I don’t know if it’s about that we’re home or the new album. All I know is that we’re family and this is a punk rock show” I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about them as humans and how they are humble, helpful, passionate and are in it for the music 110%. Two key things happened during the set, that confirmed that—- First: a girl was falling while crowd surfing and Jason drops his mic mid song to go in and grab her out of the crowd. Second: A girl was struggling in the front so security pulled her out of the crowd and she slowly walked off the stage, and he stops again mid song to grab a water bottle to hand it to the fan.

As the set came to conclusion Jason takes a mintue to tell the crowd what Letlive really means “All of us up here performing right now, that’s not Letlive. This consciousness that’s, together in this room. That’s Letlive. We are just writing the soundtrack to the revolution you are going to start”.

If you haven’t checked out Letlive yet I highly recommend them, especially the new record The Blackest Beautiful out on Epitaph Records. Thought provoking music, incredible live show and kind people. What’s not to love?

Are you a fan of Letlive?

What bands are you currently falling in love with?

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