Exclusive Interview With Trevor Wentworth Of Our Last Night!

If you all haven’t checked out Our Last Night yet…you NEED to. For now, here is an interview I did with Trevor from the band!

For people who haven’t checked out your band, describe your band’s sound in 3 words!

Three words!? Alright, I’d say Epic, Powerful, Catchy.

You guys have been around for quite a few years now, how did it all begin?

Yeah. We’ve actually been a band for about 10 years now. We started out just jamming with a few friends when we found out there was a talent show happening at our high school (which I didn’t go to yet cause I was still in 6th grade). But at the time, we were just covering a few songs of our favorite bands. When we went to sign up they needed a name for us to play under, so that day we came home and sat around until we thought of a band name, and that name was Our Last Night. We had such a great time at the show, we decided to form a legitimate band, write some original songs, play locally and it all took off from there.

In the past year you guys have had a ton of accomplishments, one being your singles on Youtube, which one is your favorite?

A lot of crazy shit has happened this past year, we’ve definitely focused more on the youtube videos and trying to release content to our fans as often as we can to keep them interested. Thats why we released something called “Summer Of Covers” where we posted a video of a cover song every other week for two months. That seemed to go over very well with our fans. But I’d have to say my favorite one we did was “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake.

You guys just recently reached your goal to create a new EP, what will this EP offer that your past albums haven’t?

Yeah, we actually reached our goal through Indie Go Go within 5 days. We were all mind blown. What we are doing with this new EP is not only releasing ONE but releasing TWO EP’s. The first one being the heavy hitting, loud, energetic sound our fans have grown to love, and the other will be an acoustic version of all of those songs extremely well done w/ acoustics/ strings/ piano and really as much production we can do with the donations we receive. So its pretty much a buy one get one deal. 🙂

Do you have any favorite states to play, favorite country?

I mean, the whole east coast will always be my favorite to play just because that is where our band does best, thats where we’ve done the most touring, so we have a solid dedicated fan base that always comes out to the shows. As far as out of the US goes… Japan was my favorite place to play for a while, but after our recent tour in the UK, things have changed. We’ve never received so much love from fans so far from home as we did while we were over there The shows we’re packed, they were singing all the words, buying merch, writing us letters, showing a lot of appreciation. So as of now UK/Europe is my favorite

If you could put together a dream tour, who would be on it and what would your tour bus look like?

Dream tour.. well my dream tour is something that probably will never happen, but ill still hope for it! It would be Thirty Seconds To Mars, One Republic, Deftones, OLN… I mean DAMN, even looking at the lineup makes me weak at the knees. And our tour bus would for sure be all blacked out, black rims, tinted windows, black everything. Hood as fuck.

What is one song you heard this year that you wish you wrote?

There are definitely a few of those out there right now. Pretty much all the songs we covered are songs we wish we wrote. But definitely “Stay” by Rihanna, such an incredible song, musically & lyrically.

What are your main goals for the rest of this year?

To write and put out music as much as possible, and to continue to interact with our fans to bring them closer to us as a band. Turn “fans” into “family”

What is one fan memory that stands out to you the most?

I have had a lot of amazing memories and experiences with my fans, like ive said before, communication with your fans is the most important thing to do. I have had the chance to listen and receive letters from some amazing people, people that im lucky enough to call OLN fans. I personally feel amazed on some of the stories they share with me about their personal life, whether it be problems they are having, addictions that theyre seeking to conquer, or even simple day to day shit that bothers them. But the fact that some come to ME for advice, or even just someone to talk to, makes me feel like I accomplished EXACTLY what I wanted to accomplish through music. And that is to help people.

Any advice for your fans and the readers?

My advice to anyone out there is for you to keep an open mind, and to try and do more of what makes you happy. Because happiness is the key to life. AND to ALWAYS listen to OLN ;).

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