Emerging Talent: Logan P. McCoy

Art is the best way to express yourself and you know that I love to share with you great emerging artists. Each of us is totally different and we have different tastes. But is there someone who doesn’t like listening music?? I think that not, so in this Satuday night I want to show you Logan P. McCoy!!!!

Logan P. McCoy is very good and inspiring rapper. I believe that he creats something special, his lyrics and sounds are in high level and I feel that rap stage is his place.

“Inspired by the likes of Rakim, KRS One, and Jay-Z Logan P. McCoy is no average Brooklyn emcee. Intelligent, inspiring, edgy, mature, and sexy are a few words that accurately describe Logan P. McCoy and his music. His music is just like he is: different.”

“Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, so sometimes it is very easy to lose one’s way. Logan P. McCoy’s new song, “Life in Limbo” off his self- titled album, explores the feelings and emotions found in the heart of a person who has lost their way in life. Featuring some amazing vocals from Lady K, this is the soundtrack for those looking for someone to relate to their pain, empathy is the first step in overcoming this “Lost in Limbo” feeling.”

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What do you think about Logan P. McCoy?