Brandi Cyrus’ Behind The Scenes Photos At iHeart Radio Festival

I’m in Vegas for the weekend at iHeart Radio Festival and it has been SUCH A BLAST so far!!!! I’m in my room taking a little break from the day, eating a cupcake, and decided to give you guys an update of how it’s been so far!!!!

I know it’s blurry, but my Mom took this and she’s not the greatest with the iPhone. I had to show you our Party Bus though, hahaha! We got picked up from the airport in this and have taken it everywhere. It’s hilarious!!!

Still on the party bus… here’s my Mom, me, Julia (my best friend and Miley’s background singer), her sister Sarah, and Miley. We’ve known these girls for so long and they are like family! I love that we are all together this weekend!

We made it in last night just in time to catch Katy Perry! She sounded aaaamazing. And fun fact, my friend Nathan plays guitar for her now! He’s stage left on the small platform right in front of us.

This is blurry (i’m just as bad as my Mom) but we stayed to watch Queen perform, and i’m SO glad we did! Adam Lambert was singing for them and he really blew all of us away. His voice is literally perfection and he knows how to entertain a crowd. Nate from FUN also came on stage to sing a couple of songs and was equally incredible.

This is literally only a third of the crowd today during Miley’s performance on the outdoor stage.

My Mom and I hanging out before sound check starts. Her shirt says ‘icon’ not ‘con’ haha!

Soundcheck for the show tonight. It’s gonna be SO CRAZY. Can’t wait. More pics tomorrow 🙂