Shazam It Up With One Direction!

When you’re out and about in the world, at the mall, or at the Dairy Queen, what’s your reaction when you hear a One Direction song pumping through the speakers? We’ll accept screaming, dancing, singing, mass-texting lyrics to everyone you know. Let’s take it up a notch — prove yourself a real fan by embarking upon the One Direction: This Is Us Shazam Scavenger hunt!

It’s super simple: download the Shazam App for Android or iPhone. Then, on August 22nd, turn on your Shazam app, and you’ll be led towards five clues to some of One Direction’s hits. When you hear them, Shazam away!

Once you’ve Shazam’ed all 5 songs, you’ll unlock an exclusive clip of their new movie One Direction: This is Us. The fun starts 8/22 and ends on 8/26, so get out there and start listening!

Don’t forget to catch One Direction: This Is Us in theaters August 30th!