Question Of The Day: If Your Life Was A TV Show, Which Would It Be?

Every now and then on Buzznet’s Tumblr, I see people answering the question I have put forth for you today. If you aren’t following us on Tumblr yet, you should so that I don’t feel sad when no one reblogs all the reblogs that I reblog that are pretty much little pieces of my soul.

Anyway, let’s talk about TV (are you even supposed to capitalize that? Someone Google it, STAT!):

I think if my life were a tv show, I would probably be a little bit of Orange Is the New Black because I do outlandish things for love sometimes. You know, like I would totes do this:

Idk. Maybe not so much.

Or maybe some Summer Heights High

Ja’mie King is my spirit animal. But like wild and uncaged. And way more sassy.

And maybe because I share a more profound bond with Dean Winchester, I’m a little Cassy

Also today is Misha’s birthday and I didn’t do a thing about it because I am the worst fan ever. Whatever. I will go cuddle my Misha pillow when I get home and spoon feed him cupcakes. Don’t be jealous.

But enough about me. Now it’s your turn! Yay! Tell me about your life in gifs and tv show references that I may or may not get. Go! Do things!

If your life was a tv show, which would it be?