National Relaxation Day: Take A Chill Pill Brah

There seems to be no end to this cavalcade of made up holidays. I had never heard of National Relaxation Day until I ran out of things to write about and had to fish out a topic from the “inspiration hat” here at work. Being reminded that today is all about taking the bullet train to Chillsville is kind of what I need because let me tell you, I am a hot mess right now.

Well, not really. I just needed a segue for that amazing gif. That being said, it’s nice to think about relaxing. Sometimes I think we as a people just go on living our lives and we forget to chill the F out. It isn’t until our bodies are all O HELL NO and we are laid up in bed with a slight case of DYING that we realize that we need to take a break.

Since I am rather high strung and usually on the go, I only know of a few ways to chillax. Will you like for me to show you them? If you answered “yes,” continue reading. If you answered “no,” you can sashay away and sit in the corner of solace and go to bed without dessert.

Read A Buk

Nothing takes your mind off everything else like reading a book. Well, as long as you stay away from the Poppy Z. Brite, you should be okay. Also, ROCKING CHAIRS (just don’t rock too hard). I love rocking chairs. They zen me out bro.

Bubble Baths

As a grown man, I feel like I shouldn’t like bubble baths. BUT I DO. It’s been a while, but still. Also, the last time I tried to get my bubble bath on, there was another man with me in this little ass hotel tub and it turned into comedy of errors. It was like a bad rom com where we managed to kick each other in the face, spill our champags, and knock a plant into a candle and set the bath curtains a flame. I advise that you bubble bath alone.


Forget playing that CD your mom has next to her Enya collection that has the sounds of the ocean on it. Also, you can skip the “thunder” portion of said CD because THUNDER IS TERRIFYING. Take a little trip to the beach and have a sit with your thoughts and just chill. If you’re land locked, maybe you should opt for that CD.

Speaking of CDs: Music

Nothing says lovin’ like music. If you really want to throw deuces to the earth, have a go at some gnar ambient tunes by Loscil:

I love ambient music. If you want some recommendations, ask me questions and I will tell you zero lies. But anymes, music. It is the best for chill times. Just pop whatever pleases your earholes and zone out.


Yoga is pretty awesome. IDK if that makes me like, totes LA or anything but whatever. When I do yoga, I always feel like I just woke up from a nap afterwards. I feel all stretched out and everything is like, way cool man. No one is saying you have to be a yogi master level 10 pretzel or anything but if you can, give yoga a chance.

All of my other relaxation tips involve my boyfriends Jose, Jack, & Jonnie Walker. Well, not really but beer. Yay depressants! But you shouldn’t do that unless you’re of age and do so responsibly (which I don’t do sometimes).

I hope you have enjoyed my round up of relaxing stuff. I know there are some things missing but that’s okay, you can tell me how YOU relax in the comments below. Have a chill day bros!

How do you like to relax?