From The Indie Vault: MiXE1

MiXE1 – For fans of: Linkin Park, Orgy, Deftones, Celldweller

MiXE1 (pronounced Mikes 1) is an electronic/experimental rock project from Hertfordshire, UK founded by songwriter Mike Evans. Starting out as a solo project in 2010, Mike started experimenting and created MiXE1’s debut EP, Module 01, which featured the band’s most successful and trance inspired track, “Breathe.” Since then, MiXE1 has become a full on band featuring Lee Towson, (guitars) Lee O’Brien (drums) and Marcos Farias (live bass.)

The band just released their Lights Out EP in July and are putting the final touches to their debut full-length album, Starlit Skin, due out by the end of the year.

Upon first hearing MiXE1, I was instantly brought back to when Linkin Park and Orgy ruled the experimental rock world. I think fans of both bands will appreciate MiXE1’s nostalgic efforts of blending rock, metal and trance while still maintaining a currency in today’s evergrowing music world.

Stream the Lights Out EP below and purchase a copy here.




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