Drug makers ‘to sue’ clothing store Kitson

Clothing designer Brian Litchenberg, who has had his Tshirts placed on the likes of big named celebs such as Miley, and Rihanna designed some controversial shirts that were being sold at the popular clothing store Kitson. The shirts have the names of prescription drugs on the back including Adderall, Xanax, and Vicodin. People have been very upset about the promotion of drug use, others say it is a form of art and reflection of pop culture.

I personally feel it is horrible to glorify drug use, everyone knows someone who has abused drugs and passed away. Everyone knows a recovering addict. As a designer I would not feel good going to sleep at night knowing I was making money off something that has taken so many lives, or destroyed families. With all the power that these popular designers and retail stores have they should promote positive, healthy, and inspiring lifestyles.

How do you feel about these tops..Would you wear them or is this crossing the line?