Decorate Your Dorm Room: College Must-Haves

Sadly, I’m not going back to school this year. I’m all done, forever, unless I decide to eventually go back and study something new. I really miss getting ready for the first day of school – which is fastly approaching for many of you (those of you at college might have already started!).

The first day of every semester is always a big deal. I guess it’s because you’re seeing a bunch of people you haven’t seen in a long time. Maybe even that cute boy or girl you’ve been thinking about all summer will be in your hallway (which is kind of a headache because then you have to look good all the time, and lets be honest, you want to just roll out of bed).

The awesome thing about college is that at most schools, you get a new room every year, which means a new way to decorate and a fresh start. There are some essential things every student needs: bedding, backpacks, school supplies and comfy clothes for class. Let’s not forget too-cute accessories just as an added bonus.

These are my dorm room must haves:

Doodle-by-Stitch Bedset: this duvet cover/pillowcase set will transform your bed into a giant notebook. I personally find this awesome for songwriting. Write down some ideas while you’re about to sleep, maybe a to-do-list, and refuse to crawl into bed until you’ve finished it. The marker set it comes with is completely washable, so just throw it into the washer and you can start with a blank slate.

Firefly String Lights: These tiny string lights on a delicate copper wire are way classier than the average christmas lights hung haphazardly around dusty dorm rooms. Offers great mood lighting for watching TV in bed, having friends over for a party or writing papers on your laptop.

Donut Dry Erase Board: Yummy. Everyone loves sprinkles. Put this on your bedroom door so your friends can leave you fun messages.

Lisa Frank Notebook: These were a hot ticket item in the ’90s and you can finally get them again at Walmart! They’re just really cute – enough said.

Gelly Roll Pens: You wouldn’t want to write in your Lisa Frank notebook without Gelly pens.

Pizza Pack: Everyone loves pizza, and you’re going to need to lug books around to and from class. A cute backpack is a necessity.

Infinite Voyage Laptop Case: This laptop case from Glamour Kills is ultra trendy. Since you’ll be carrying your laptop around from class, to dorm, to library and home again, you’ll need a nice, sturdy case.

Crosley Briefcase Record Player: This record player is a great value, comes in a ton of colors and is portable, so you can use in your dorm, then bring it home for the summer with little to dismantle and put back together. Just pack it up like a suitcase! I own this in red and it’s the cutest addition to my room. It’s small so it will work great in a cramped dorm. It also plays the radio!

Homework Crop Top: A comfy, loose-fitting crop great for lounging around studying, (even though mermaids don’t do homework, you still have to).

Ampersand Puffy Stickers: These are just cute. Decorate your notebooks, phone case, laptop and whatever you have around.

What are your must-haves for school?

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