Current Fashion Mood: Comfy

Hi Friends!!

Recently I have been in the mood to be SO comfy, I don’t feel like wearing anything that I need to adjust or that is tight or anything that takes much effort!

Here are the items that I have been wearing non stop.

1. Rompers or Jumpsuits – They are SO comfortable and I can move around, run errands or go out in them and look put together. It is just such an easy look to wear. This black one that I am wearing is by BooHoo

2. I am obsessed with giant oversized sweaters!! They are the most amazing thing ever. The one with the eyeball on it that I’m always wearing is by Iron Fist.

3. Ryan Porter bracelets!! I don’t even take mine off. It feels like it’s not even there, it is so delecate and cute. My friend Malese Jow has one that says HOODRAT (I custom designed it for her on the Ryan Porter website) so epic.

What have you been wearing?

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