Back To School: Bento Lunch Box

No one should be hungry in school. Food is important part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The human brain needs a lot of energy to stay in good condition. We need to eat healthy food to feel well in school, have the best grades and for sure apperance!!!

I believe that bento lunch box is better for us than fast food from lunchroom, where we don’t know what we eat. And the best reason to have this lunch box?? Your friends will love your meals!!!

Do you use from bento lunch box?

Who’s your favorite bento lunch box?

Super Mario Bento

Cat Bento

Wall-E Bento

Mona Lisa Bento

Tinkerbell Bento

LEGO Bento

South Park Bento

Starbucks Bento

The Simpsons Bento

Lobster Bento

Homer Simpson Bento

Alien Bento

Elmo Bento

Ninja Bento

Eiffel Tower Bento

LOST Bento

Hello Kitty Bento

Penguin Bento

The Devil Wears Pirikara Bento

Mozart Bento

Playstation Controller Bento