Summer Buzzin – My Summer Books

Hello guys and happy July everyone and since today it’s 4th, happy 4th of July, America!!!

It’s unbelievable it’s already July, right Britney?

Half of 2013 already has gone and for me seems it’s just started or better I worked so hard in the last six months that time really ran so quickly and I’m like: oh God, I need to do other millions of stuff in the second half of the year.

So since Buzznet is always full of great assignments, ideas and more, I thought to start writing few blogs about Summer Buzzin, if you don’t know what it is, click HERE and the amazing Rich explains it to all of you :3

In this first blog I wanna talk about the books I’m going to read this summer and the one I’ve already read.

Since when I’m busy with Uni I don’t have time to read any other book apart Uni’s ones and I’m like: why? They are so boring!

So the only period of the year I have a break from studying is summer and in these few months I wanna read as many books as I can.

In the end of June I finally finished the fifth book from “The Vampire Diaries” saga called “The Return: Nightfall“. I’m reading it in Italian because my mom wants to read them too, she can’t speak English and for this reason I bought it in Italian. To be honest, this fifth book (the one of the left) was my mom’s gift for Epiphany, I started to read in January but then Uni and exams came so I put it apart and just finished few weeks ago.

I have to say Lisa Jane Smith is such a great writer, her way to describe the things is really good and it’s so catchy, every time I start to read a new “TVD” book I automatically say: it’s my favorite! Because it’s really hard to pick only one, the story goes on and it’s always more overwhelming, dark and passionate. I don’t know if you are a TVD lover but you have to say the books are really different from the tv show and also the characters can have different names and look (for example Elena’s character is blond in the book, while in the show she’s a brunette).

I really advice TVD saga for who loves supernatural stuff, vampires and romatic stories. You can find anything inside those books: there’s love, hate, war, blood (a lot of blood), perv thoughts and much more.

I decided to have a break from TVD saga because I wanna start reading Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy, three books I wish to read for ages but I hadn’t time before.

My mom was the first to read them, they are hers, she completely loved them, then it was my dad’s turn and Virginia’s one and last but definitely not least it’s my turn now ehehe

I have watched the three Swedish movies and I loved them a lot, my parents said me the atmospheres created in the movies are just like the books and Lisbeth Salander’s character is perfect, yeah Noomi Rapace is such a great and beautiful actress and now that I started to read the first 200 pages of the first book “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” I can share my parents opinion.

Definitely the Swedish version of the movies is higher than the US one, this is just my opinion but coming back to the books…. The first volume has over 600 pages but I have to say it’s not heavy, it’s rather catchy, full of mistery (even though I already know the story but as you know in a movie they can show anything like in a book) and with great dialogues. The descriptions are detailed but not in Tolkien’s style, you can figure the places in an easy way and almost you can feel the cold breeze of Sweden.

It’s better to read the book before and then watching the movie, this is something I always repeat but you know, it’s not always possible 😉

I advice this trilogy to everyone loves the great lectures, loves thriller and misterious stories.

After have finished Millennium Trilogy (with “The Girl Who Played With Fire” and “The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest”), I’ve planned to start reading the first book of “Game Of Thrones” since I started to follow the tv show on May, for now I’ve watched just the first season but I’m already addicted.

Talking with a classmate of mine she adviced me to read the first volume since it’s about the first season of the tv show. She also revealed me the second volume is completely different to the second season or better the second season is completely different from the book.

I’ve seen the book at the store and even though is huge I said: “I can read this!” because I’m really addicted to the story and I didn’t find it boring and I think the book isn’t boring too.

You know I love fantasy in general but I’ve never been a “Lord of the Rings” lover, it’s pretty boring for my tastes and the books are too much details that in my opinion ruin in some way the magic of create your own world in your mind, even though it’s described (but not in the more little details) and with Game of Thrones I was pretty scared it had the same influence on me but I was wrong. I loved the tv show since the first moment and I’m sure the book will conquer me as well.

I don’t know if I will have time to read other books, definitely in my list there are also:

The Great Gatbsy and The Perks of Being A Wallflower and why not, Dexter books

Have you read any of those books?

Which books are you going to read this summer?