New Trailer:American Hustle:JLaw & Bradley Cooper Share The Big Screen Again!

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The first trailer for director David O. Russell’s newest film American Hustle has been released. It’s a reunion of the incredible Silver Lining’s Playbook cast Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, and Robert De Niro as well as a mini reunion for The Fighter cast Amy Adams and Christian Bale, both movies David Russell also directed.

The movie set in the 1970’s will be based off on the true story of Abscam, a famous FBI sting operation. I can’t wait to see how the characters will play out. This morning on Good Morning America Russell said, “Everyone is playing someone they’ve never played before. The economy, like it is today, was in a tough place, and people very eager if not desperate to make something happen, and when people are like that lots of crazy things can happen.” Ugh I just can’t wait.

The movie is set to hit theaters in December and is looking very Oscar friendly. Silver Linings Playbook won my heart last year and I hope this movie will live up to all the hype. Also, can we discuss the hair going on this trailer!? Hello 70’s. Take a look at the trailer above and let me know your first thoughts!

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