Jennifer Lawrence Confuses In Dior

Jennifer Lawrence has already proven that she looks good in Christian Dior. Maybe that’s why the actress, 22, took such a risk with her outfit by the design house at Paris Fashion Week.

From the waist up, this crop-top look is amazing. Jennifer’s long bob and sunglasses look so fierce. Her very exposed abs look amazing, and the pastel colors are perfect for the season.

As for the pants (??)… The gray, wool suiting looks chic and polished in contrast with the whimsical top. However, J. Law may be a little too fashion-forward with the half-pleated-skirt, half-cropped-trouser thing. The culotte style is very editorial, but it’s a little much for real life (okay, Paris Fashion week is not real life, but you get the point).

One or the other would have worked! Jennifer looks great in tea-length hemlines. If the bottom were just a pleated skirt, it would have looked like a magical, princess, CEO dream.

Had she gone for just pants, we could have gotten some high-fashion, Matador realness.

All together, the look is definitely a satement. There’s no arguing that Jennifer looks amazing, but has she gone too far into the fashion abyss with this one?

What do you think of her outfit?

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