Buzznet GIF Challenge: Your Summer So Far

Howdy Buzznet! Is your summer in full swing yet? Does your skin smell like burning when you walk into the sunny outside? Are you having party times? Hopefully you answered yes to all those questions. Maybe you didn’t. That’s okay if you didn’t because we are here for you and your lack of summer time awesomeness.

It’s always a party with the Queens of the Desert

Today, I bring you all a GIF Challenge because my summer is best spent giving you things to do because I love your little faces and I love seeing them on my internet. Let’s get down to brass tacks. Or let’s not because getting down on brass tacks would probably hurt :/

For this GIF Challenge, all you have to do is tell us about all the things you have done thus far in yon summer with GIFS. Easy! Please to feel free and use whichever gems you find and tell us why you used that. Have a peek at my summer story so far:

My summer started sad face because I realized the jerk that I was dealing with was a jerk. And it sucked to be all NO but he really needed to GO.

So then, I mostly ate my feelings:

And let me tell you, THAT WAS AWESOME. DELICIOUS BREAK UP FOOD. Whatever.

Then Warped Tour started and I got to go to Seattle to help do things and it was amaze:

Akshually, we stayed in Auburn, which is like 30 miles from Seattle but we did go to SEA a few times for nomz and awesome:

I need to go back to Seattle because it’s a beautiful city and I didn’t even get to touch mouths with anyone while I was there because I was doing work stuff and sleeping a lot.

Then Warped Tour happened and it was R A I N B O W S :

I didn’t think I was going to have a good time because I am probably twice as old as everyone there and I only knew bands like The Swellers, RBF, The Aquabats, and pretty much that’s it. I ended up having a really good time because everything was awesome and I got to check out new music like The Wonder Years so yay!

Other than that, I have mostly been having beers with friends

I’m trying to be in better shape but that really isn’t happening because I am hella lazy:

Oh and I got sick yay

And now I am sorta better and feel like this because of tea:

And that’s where we are nao. Also, SUMMER ISN’T EVEN OVER! That means that things are going to get more better times A LOT! Y U S S S S !

And that’s your GIF Challenge example. Can you do it? Are you up to the challenge? Let’s see what you got and more importantly, let’s see your summer so far!

There really isn’t a due date for these, just do em because you want to and they’re awesome. Let me know you did one so I can feature it and we can party and give you internet high fives. Go!

Thumbnail by Dora – I leave you with fuzzy feels. Bye!