Tina’s Top 10 Bands of 2013…So Far

The hashtag #MyTop10Bands was trending worldwide on Twitter last night. It got me thinking of all of my favorite bands and what an impact they’ve made in my life. I initially started to make a list in my trusty notebook of ideas and came up with over twenty. Oops! Making a list of your favorite bands (and having to narrow it down to a certain number) is insanely difficult for a professional music nerd, but I finally came up with a solution: make a top ten list of your favorite bands of 2013 (so far). Guess what? I won’t lie, it was hard but it worked! Here are my top ten bands of 2013…so far! I’m sure there will be others as the year goes on!

1. The New Division

I discovered these new wave/synthpop gods back in early January and they’ve kind of set the mood for the rest of 2013. I can’t imagine them not being in my music collection. I’ve been a synth junkie for a while now but could never find a band with this particular sound before. I think it’s safe to say I am in a committed relationship with The New Division. I had the privilege of interviewing singer John Kunkel for Emerging Talent Month. Check it out here.

2. The Neighbourhood

I fell in love with The Neighbourhood back in February after hearing their hit, “Sweater Weather.” Since then, The NBHD have been a fan favorite here on BUZZNET! Their debut album, I Love You., is addicting right along with lead singer Jesse Rutherford’s vocals and their black & white aesthetic.

3. The xx

I discovered the loveliness that is The xx last year but they still remain one of my favorites. I don’t think I’ve gone a day without listening to them. Their sophomore album, Coexist, is a staple in my CD player. Sometimes I think they say it better than I ever will be able to…

4. Echosmith

I only found out about Echosmith last week from @sarascoggins, but I’m already obsessed! I cannot wait until they release more music!

5. Garbage

Ok ok I know what you all are thinking: “this girl is way obsessed with this band” and yes, I have to agree but I don’t care! This band will be on every list until the end of time!

6. Gypsy & The Cat

It was love at first listen back in 2010 when I first heard Gypsy & The Cat’s debut single “Time To Wander.” More like ‘time to nerd out!’ Now with two amazing albums under their belt, they’re already working on album number three and needless to say, I am excited to see what they come up with! They are about to take the US by storm, mark my words!

7. We Were Lovers

We Were Lovers were brought to my attention by The New Division singer John Kunkel. I was fascinated with them right away! They are currently in the process of releasing their longly-awaited LP, Pyramids, this month! Oh, the anticipation!

8. Smoke Season

When former Honor Society member Jason Rosen announced he was leaving HS, I was both saddened yet elated. For quite a while (especially after watching him on stage) I knew he had more in him than what we were seeing. His departure made me realize that change can be a good thing if you are brave enough to face it. While I will always miss him in Honor Society, I think he shines a lot brighter in Smoke Season. Their debut EP, Signals, is incredible and perfect for a windows down, feet up kind of roadtrip.

9. Haerts

With only two songs out (produced by St. Lucia headmaster Jean Philip-Grobler), Haerts have managed to create a buzz and keep music enthusiasts on their toes. Their debut album is set to drop this fall.

10. IO Echo

I discovered IO Echo after Garbage announced they would be opening for them on their Not Your Kind of People Tour this past March. I was captivated by their diverse sound and history. Their debut album, Ministry of Love, is out now and I suggest taking a listen!

Well folks, there you have it! My top ten bands of 2013 so far. I hope this list has inspired you to check out more info on any or all of these bands and that they make their way into your hearts and music collections someday.

What are your top 10 picks?

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