Throwback Thursday: From Angelfish to Garbage

I have found a real gem on YouTube today! Before Garbage, singer Shirley Manson was in a band called Angelfish. Being in that band was the greatest decision Manson ever made because it ultimately led her to her big break being the leading frontwoman of Garbage.

A little band trivia: One late night in 1994, the men of Garbage were watching MTV’s 120 Minutes and “Suffocate Me” by Angelfish came on. Perfect timing too because according to the band, MTV only played the video that one time! They were all so intrigued by Shirley’s demeanor that they just HAD to get her to be their leading lady in what we now know as Garbage. The rest, as they say, is history! I believe this is the actual TV rip of that video that changed the course of music history 19 years ago. Enjoy! 🙂