Thought Blog: Paparazzi

Hello Buzzies and friends alike,

I recently saw in the news that Justin Bieber had yet another incident with the ol’ pappzzzz. I really feel like with this video you see below that they need to back off, they seriously risk their lives for one shot.


Ok…so as you see here there can be quite the confrontation as well as just a ton of blinding flashes.

This all got my brain thinking about a topic that is constantly seen and discussed here in Hollywood…Paparazzi! When is it crossing the line? Is the celeb at fault for attacking when their private space has been invaded? Are celebs taking this on to themselves by choosing fame?

Some of these “money shots” have lead to not only accidents, attacks, anger, family problems but more tragically; death

Princess Diana‘s death was such a terrible tragedy and it broke so many hearts all over the world. I get that these shots make these people money but when does your job take over your whole body and mind enough to literally run a human down to their death???

I agree with Diana, if she has an event she is aware that it is part of her job to be photographed. However, she should not have had people waiting at her CAR or in front of her home. Just like everyone else celebrities deserves privacy outside of their job. No one wants to be photographed after sweating at the gym…ever.

and again…to even abuse their power as a photographer and go as far as asking Rihanna for tickets to her show? It is just purely disrespectful to me.

I can’t sit here and say that all the pappz are mean and careless, there are certain cases where they respect their boundaries…for the most part and make it not such a terrible experience for the celebrities.

As Selena Gomez said “I will be be nice to you if you’re nice to me.”

I came across an article that was interesting you can read HERE and I reallyyyyy agree and feel there needs to be more of a regulation. It is so terrible that celebrities and photographers are losing their lives over this type of stuff, it is such a shame!

So my ramble is over… now I want to hear YOUR thoughts!!

What do you think about paparazzi?