That’s Our Jam! Relient K and Owl City Team Up For 90’s Nostalgic Summer Anthem

If you were a 90’s kid, or just someone who really enjoyed music in the 90’s, then you need to hear Relient K and Owl City‘s collaboration, “That’s My Jam” right now!

“That’s My Jam” takes us back to the summer of ’99 with references to Britney Spears‘s debut hit, “…Baby One More Time” to an array of various pop/rock acts that I will proudly admit are all on my 90’s Spotify playlist. 90’s nostalgia at it’s best! Well done, boys!

^ Raven gets it.

Relient K’s forthcoming album, Collapsible Lung, will be available on July 2nd. Pre-order the album HERE on iTunes!

What are your thoughts on “That’s My Jam?” Let’s get nostalgic in the comments below!

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