Oracle Goddess Reading Of The Week: Hathor

If your anything like me a Monday after a full super moon weekend is not your favorite way to jump into the week. I have been feeling very overwhelmed and rushed on top of being exhausted! I pulled a card this morning for the upcoming week and it’s so perfect with timing. It’s all about resting, recharging, letting yourself bask in the energy from the full moon!

Card Meaning: Allow yourself to receive. This will increase your intuition, energy, and ability to give to others.

Message from Hathor: You have a maternal side to you that naturally cares for those in need, yet this must be balanced with receptivity or the flow is blocked. Receiving is the essence of feminine energy, and it means allowing yourself to receive with grace and gratitude. If you feel guilty when asking others for help, or if you feel bad about receiving gifts, then you block your feminine energy. Your receptivity is just as natural as your nurturing, giving energy. When you receive, you have more resources to give to others. Begin by noticing the hundreds of gifts you receive each day, whether it’s seeing beauty in nature, witnessing a touching human moment, or being hugged by a loved one. Simply say ‘Thank You’ for each gift, and know that they’re filling up your storehouse, keeping the Divine flow going strong.

Various Meanings of This Card: Be still and listen • Release guilt about receiving • Ask for help • Increase psychic awareness • Know that you’re in a learning cycle • Healing is occurring • Be more in your feminine energy •

About Hathor: This beloved Egyptian goddess is represented by the head of a cow to symbolize the sacred animal’s life-giving milk and mothering. Hathor is a benevolent sky and sun goddess who helps with all aspects of child conception, birthing, and raising. Call upon Hathor to guide you in nurturing yourself and your loved ones.