Meet Lory: Candl1988 On Buzznet

If you haven’t had the pleasure of chatting with @candl1988, you are missing out all the rays of sunshine that she beams onto all us little flowers in the garden that is Buzznet. She is always available to talk when you need her. She also keeps an eye on all things Buzznet when she has the chance, she’s an excellent mother and she knows what she’s doing behind the lens of a camera. I can keep going but….

Are you ready to meet Lory?

All the cookies for Lory!


Lory Keiser, username on Buzznet CANDLE/candl1988


I am 45 years old!


I live in Pellston, Michigan! That puts me at the very tip of the Lower Peninsula I live in the “Mitten!”

How did you hear about Buzznet?

I heard about Buzznet from my then 13 year old daughter! I can’t believe she is 18 now! I first made an account so that I could see what she was doing online, and who she was talking to! I was expecting to find proof that she shouldn’t be on Buzznet! Well once I met her friends and they also became my friends, Buzznet became my home!

What keeps you on Buzznet?

I stay on Buzznet because we have the BEST community on all of the internet! We really are a Buzznet Family! I love my friends on here as much as if they were my own flesh and blood! If I tell you that I love you, I mean it!

What do you want to see more of on Buzznet?

Well I want to see a few things actually! I would like to see more people doing the Buzznet Story Tellers Assignments because it is lots of fun, and our numbers are down! I would also like something “Buzzmaker-ish” for my fellow shutter bugs! I would always (shameless plug) love to have more comments on my posts! ( :

Can you tell us about some fun projects you’ve been done here on Buzznet?

I always love participating in the Photo Assignments! They are so challenging and so much fun! Of course, I LOVE the Buzznet Story Teller’s Assignments! I haven’t missed an assignment yet! Jane just put a new one up today! I am not sure if this counts as a project, but during the summer months I always LOVE looking at everyone’s Warped Tour photos! I don’t live in a place where I can go in person, so I am very much attached to the photos!

Favorite group on Buzznet? Why is it your favorite?

It is a tie between the Buzznet Story Teller’s Group and the Nature Lover’s Photography! The story teller’s is my favorite because through everyone’s daily posts and the assignments I get to know my Buzznet Family even better! Plus, it is tons of fun to read about everyone’s shenanigans! Nature Lover’s Photography is a favorite because I am always really impressed with this planet that we live on, and just how it works! I learn more everytime I click on a Nature Lover’s photo!

Cats or dogs?

This is actually a hard question to answer! I had a dog and a cat growing up! Up until the last 5 years I have always had a dog! Now I have a cat named Robyn who is super fluffy and cute! At this exact moment, I have to say Cats!

Since you love taking photos, what’s your favorite thing to photograph?

Again, I have two and they are equal in my heart! I will start with photographing my family! I post a ton of photos of my daughter and my brother’s children! I equally love to photograph nature! I live in a very beautiful place, and just don’t feel good in my soul if I am not shooting the nature around me!

Have you learned anything on Buzznet that you might not have learned if you weren’t here?

I doubt I would have learned photography in the way that I am going with it now! This is the first time in my life that anyone has ever been interested in seeing my photos! Well, that is what you tell me at least! I also learn what is going on in the world of fashion! I am not a fashionista by any sense of the word, but I really have enjoyed learning about it here on Buzznet! I think I might learn enough to be a fashionista in the future!

Any final thoughts for us about Buzznet?

Final thoughts? Well…my final thoughts would be a huge THANK YOU to the Buzznet Staff and most importantly to you Rich for making this place what it is! I really appreciate all the hard work that you do to make this place so AMAZING! And, It is AMAZING! (:

Thanks, Lory, for being all awesome and being a friend to all of us! This place wouldn’t be the same without your kindness and your smiling face. You rock!