Gabbie Browns Country Music Awards Festival Adventures

I’m sure If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you saw I was in Nashville last week for CMA Fest! I had the lovely chance to head down to music city to do press for one of my friends sites! I’ve covered lots of music festivals but this one was different.

I spent most of my time running 6 blocks or more in heels and not to mention the countless rain storms I was trying to out run. I was only able to catch a few sets mostly to the fact that I was booked for over 40 interviews, 2 after parties, City Of Hope softball game, Band Perry press conference, Lady A ribbon cutting and more (YIKES)

The first night in Nashville I got to talk to Xfactor winner Tate Stevens. I can’t tell you how humble that man is and the people he works with are just as lovely. One of my favorite music chats of the day went to Two Story Road. Both have spent countless time in the background of music, and managed to stay together as a couple and start a band together. But the highlight of night 1 was going to The Warner Sound CMT After Party. It was so cool be able to take photos and be surronded by hard working people.

My favorite interview I did was with Nashville stars, Lennon and Maisy. I literaly felt like a little kid around them which was magical. You’re kind of taken back by them at first because of how grown up they seem. I adore their cover of ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ and they’re going to have a great career ahead of them.

My favorite event I covered? hmmmmmm… Well that would be Oak Ridge Boys. I was able to be in the green room backstage at the Grand Ole Opry and I can’t tell you how hard it was for me to rap my head around. I must of starred at this picture of Dolly Parton hanging on the wall for a good 10 minutes. Not to mention growing up, my dad always made me listen to Oak Ridge Boys, and seeing them talk about their 40 year journey was unreal.

I honestly want to move to Nashville! I’m headed to Warped Tour (Vegas and Indy) next week. Come hang and say hello. I’ll be headed to a couple more after that so keep posted. Also make sure to stop by BUZZNET and Fellow Threads booth while you’re out this summer