The Top Artist Nominees For The 2013 Billboard Music Awards

If some of you didn’t know, tomorrow Sunday May 19th is the 2013 Billboard Music Awards! I decided to look into who the nominees for the “Top Artist” were and was pretty pumped to see it was Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, One Direction, Maroon 5 and Rihanna! I wanted to make a fun post to share with you all on the top 5 and my favorite songs of theirs that reached the top of the Billboard charts!

1. Justin Bieber

I would have to say my favorite song and video combo that reached the top of the charts was “Beauty And A Beat” I want to go swimming everytime I see this.

2. Maroon 5

Ok so as if Adam Levine isn’t hot enough as it is…this song and video…le SIGH! “One More Night” definitely gets my pick!

3. One Direction

Although I haven’t really gotten deep into the 1D world, I of course think Zane is a babe, Harry has great hair and I totally “get it”. SO with that said my favorite video and song they did that topped the charts is this adorable song for “Little Things”

4. Rihanna

I know a lot of people think Rihanna is a little too edgy and risque for their taste, I agree at times but overall love this girl. She really is talented and gorgeous! My absolute favorite video and song of hers is definitely for “We Found Love”. It is just such a powerful video and statement.

5. Taylor Swift

I can’t call myself a Taylor Swift “FAN” but I will say I do love some of her songs. My all time favorite is ” I Knew You Were Trouble” because in that one instead of singing about ex boyfriends she kinda calls herself out and is more relatable to me. Every girl or guy has totally been in that situation where you knew they were trouble yet you let them in.

SO out of those 5, who do YOU want to see win the most awards this Sunday?!