Tell Me About Your Ideal Of Beauty!

Do you have your own ideal of beauty? Can you say something more about it? Are you sure that you want to look like someone else? Why you don’t want to yourself? Do you know that true beauty isn’t the look, just it what you have in the heart, who you are.

During the centuries the canon of beauty has changed many times. Always in the “fashion” was something unique and unforgettable. I don’t want to return to the history, but surely you know that “the role of women” was a reflection of the ideal of beauty. Although now is the same, I believe that we should change it. Women should not be treated like an object.

How can I define today’s ideal of beauty? When I watch TV or I read a newspaper, I have one thought: “Anorexic Look”. I’m really tired too skinny models, which for fame destroy their own health and young girls for which these models are idols.

Recently I discovered plus size models. They are amazing and I love these girls!!! I believe that they show us the true beauty. I hope that designers will work with them..OFTEN!!!! And the images of these models will change the way how we see this crazy world.