How Hayley Williams Just Made Me Feel Great In Under 2 Minutes

It’s great big world out there and we all have moments of doubt and insecurity. We all have different ways of dealing with those moments. I think it might help to remember, yes WE ALL (even people we admire) have those moments as well. At 26-years-old I am starting to feel the affects of finally embracing who I am, and have confidence in my convictions. Having people around you who empower you helps with this process. It was a long road and the 16-year-old version of myself would be shocked with how I see myself today. It’s all part of growing up and learning; plain and simple.

Today, thanks to iHeartRadio, Hayley Williams of Paramore has poignantly put all of those thoughts into a nice 2 minute video. She always has had a way with words; putting things I can relate to in a nice succinct and poetic song or statement. Take a look at this video that made me, and will make you feel great. I 100% agree with all of the wisdom she is trying to share with you.

Thanks Hayley. #musicrules.

What do you think of Hayley’s message?

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