EW WHY? Emma Stone Is Ruining My Life And Other Celeb Jealousies

This week’s EW WHY is inspired completely by my jealousy for those who have what I do not. Join me as we commit the sin of envy together, it’s fun!

Let’s start with Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. I hate them. I love them. I HATE THEM! I LOOOVE THEM!

Just look at them. They are like a page torn out of one of my J.Crew catalogues but there would be a highlighted pink circle around her chambray button up that costs $78.00. They’re all “hay guys, just chillin on your day off in NYC with our chic sunglasses and perf hair, nbd.”

Now for the fiery haired woman of my dreams, Jessica Chastain. Bitch has been outdoing herself left and right on the streets of Cannes and I just CANNES NOT!

Diane Kruger: a 36 year old woman who can pull off a bare midriff. Her + Pacey ahem I mean Joshua Jackson are just TOO.MUCH.

Then walks up Olivia Palermo of The City fame comes around in her matching 2-piece outfit, like oh yeah just like going to the post office, w/e!

GUH! I think after all of that we need to cleanse the palate with a funny. Check out this vintage video of Jessica Simpson singin’ and dannnncing to ‘Music and the Mirror’ from A Chorus Line. Skip halfway through for some hilar dance moves. It doesn’t dissappoint.

Which celebs have thrown you into a jealous rage lately?