BUZZNET EXCLUSIVE: This Century Premiere New Song ‘Forbidden’

With only two weeks left until This Century‘s anticipated sophomore effort, Biography of Heartbreak, we’re bringing you an exclusive track to listen to!

We fell in love with Arizona natives back in 2007, and they’re only making us fall harder and harder with the newest album about to drop. For their newest Biography, This Century is getting their fans hyped up with 13 Days of Heartbreak, where you can hear the premiere of each new song off the album until the May 14th release.

Sean Silverman gives us his personal take on the track “Forbidden” that we are exclusively premiering to you today. “This song originally started out as a big ol’ country style jam in the vein of something you would hear from Lady Antebellum. With the way we went about the recording process (different phases over the course of the year) it gave us time to sit on the idea and envision the entire feel of the song.”

Keep jamming to “Forbidden” for the next 12 days, but don’t forget to pre-order Biography of Heartbreak now!

What are your thoughts on This Century’s newest track “Forbidden”?! Let us know in the comments below!