My Birthday Week!

On April 2nd I celebrated my 25th birthday!

My mom made me a nice dinner and a really cute pink & white cake. It was the first time I ever got a homemade cake for my birthday! So sweet (:

I am SUCH a girly girl. I wore this stunning dress by Natalia Kaut that I’m obsessed with. I love black and lace and being girly so it was perfect

One of my favorite things about my birthday is that it’s during my favorite season! SPRING (: I went to lunch at chick fil a the day after my birthday (my favorite fast food ever) and took pictures with these pretty flowers!

One Birthday gift I still need to buy myself is RED YSL lipstick, It’s my favorite lip color and my favorite brand, I love a red lip during any season.

25 feels like a new chapter, I can’t wait to share all the fun upcoming projects I’m working on with you guys. Lots of new things in the works.


Jazmin Whitley