When You Can Help Art

Today, I want to show your talented artists which need support. You know that I love art and I’m so happy when creative persons can realise their dreams. I hope that you too.

Kellee Maize, I think that you know this incredible female rapper from USA.

Photo: Laura Petrilla

Kellee music is free and she needs to raise funds to complete her 5th album. Kellee offers an autographed hard copy of her new album “OWL TIME” for $10 on her website.

Anyone who supports this effort will get their picture on Kellee 5th album cover!!!

The album is on the left of the page: HERE

“Heart Line Productions is an emerging international theatre company made of 4 young women from Europe: Austria, Estonia, Poland and Sweden. The company established as a part of South Bank University, Theatre Practise: Creative Producing (BA) course. The name Heart Line comes from palmistry, where it’s said that the heart line deals with everything to do with love, whether it’s your ability to love or be loved.”

If you want to support Heart Line Productions, you can donate. Read more: HERE