BUZZNET Approved! Incipio’s OffGrid Charging Phone Case

Last month I spent a glorious week in Austin, TX at SXSW. The film, interactive and music festival attracts thousands of folks. There are all day parties, showcases, concerts, panels, and screenings to attend. The entire week is a whirlwind and the number 1 complaint behind beat up, sore feet from all the walking is a dead cell phone! Luckily, I had Incipio’s OffGrid charging phone case on my side. The case might be a tad larger than your standard iPhone cover, but the small bit of extra space & weight is well worth it! I had hours and hours of bonus battery life on my iPhone. It is definitely worth the investment, especially if you find yourself away from plugs and chargers for extended periods of time.

Thanks Incipio for keeping my technology alive during SXSW and for days at a time!

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